Our Commitment / Strategy

Insulet is committed to fostering a sustainable business to support the well-being of our customers, employees, and the larger communities we serve. We have embraced a holistic and comprehensive approach to sustainability that considers a full range of ESG topics and their related impacts on our operations, supply chain, internal and external stakeholders, and our planet. We are led by our sustainability vision to "deliver growth with purpose: innovating to improve lives and preserve our planet." We believe that delivering long-term value for our stakeholders is critical to our success.

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Our Progress

Learn more about our progress on specific Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics. Please see our most recent Data Download.

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Our Double Materiality Assessment

Through our E.U. CSRD-aligned double materiality assessment, which was informed by interviews and surveys with key stakeholders, we’ve identified 14 key ESG topics that impact our business, society and the environment. The results of our double materiality assessment inform our sustainability strategy and enable us to concentrate our efforts on strategic priority ESG topics. We continuously evaluate our performance to ensure our strategy is aligned with our growth, our dynamic industry, and the evolving expectations of stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy

We are dedicated to executing our sustainability strategy and vision. Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and Global Sustainability function diligently lead our comprehensive sustainability strategy and align our approach with our global growth plan. Our three strategic Sustainability pillars—Resilient Operations, Sustainable Product Innovation, and People and Communities— form the foundation of our integrated sustainability approach as we drive positive change for the global diabetes community.

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Resilient Operations

Growing responsibly across our business and supply chain as we scale our operations, and minimize our environmental footprint

Sustainable Product Innovation

Ensuring environmentally conscious and inclusive design is embedded in our products and packaging across the lifecycle

People and Communities

Improving lives of people in the global diabetes community, driving an inclusive culture, and inspiring social impact

Governance Commitment

Our robust corporate governance inspires a culture of ethical behavior, drives long-term shareholder value, and guides our growth. The Insulet Board of Directors and its committees oversee our global strategy while adhering to responsibilities defined in our Corporate Governance Guidelines. We regularly review our practices to ensure effective oversight and governance.

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